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    Contact information and feedback


    Please use this form to send us an e-mail.

    If you wish to receive an estimate, please complete and submit our "Get an Estimate" form here. This will give you the same result as if you were to ask us directly.

    Your Title:
    Your First Name (given name):
    Your Last Name (family name):
    Full address of university/company, with postcode/zip code:
    Your email address:
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    The most likely cost of editing can be calculated as follows:

    First editing of xxxx words @ £4.61 per 100 words:
    Second editing of xxxx words @ £2.28 per 100 words:
    Administration: £16.00
    Total: £xxxx

    Please note:
    If the total amount of time spent does not warrant adding the full fee for second editing, we will instead charge you at £46.10 per hour, which will be cheaper for you.
    If the total time spent on second editing exceeds that which is covered by the full fee for second editing, we will, in addition to the full fee for second editing, add a surcharge at £46.10 per hour.

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