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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why is quality control needed? Why is one editor not sufficient?
    You might be wondering about the need for your paper to be edited twice, each time by a different editor, and may think that each paper needs only to be edited once, because if one editor leaves errors in the text, he cannot be doing his job properly. While this is a natural way of thinking, it does not take into account the different degrees of difficulty that different texts present for editing or the nature of the difficulty involved.
    If a paper is clearly written and contains few errors with respect to grammar, punctuation, typing, and spelling, it is perfectly possible for one person to produce a well-edited text that contains no errors. However, as the number of errors increases, the likelihood that even a highly skilled, PhD-qualified editor will not find them all also increases. The problem is compounded further, and significantly, when the text contains a significant amount of unclarity. In these circumstances, it becomes very difficult to find all errors on a first reading and to comment on all issues of unclarity. Hence, a second reading is required. It is better that a different person does the second reading, because not only will the second editor approach the text with a fresh mind, he may well also approach it from a different perspective. The result is a better final product.

    Why is the service expensive?
    The service is expensive for a number of reasons: our editors all hold PhDs and need to be compensated adequately for their expertise; the company and our editors are based in countries where the cost of living is high; and each paper is edited twice to eliminate as much error as possible.

    How long will the editing take?
    How long it will take to return a revised version of your paper depends on three factors: the length of the paper, the difficulty of editing, and the availability of editors. I general, we undertake to return a revised version of a paper of up to 8000 words in 12-14 days. In practice, and in particular for short papers of only 2-3000 words, we might well return a revised version within 7-8 days. Obviously, our editors do not need to spend 12-14 days editing a paper. However, they are all practising academics and, like you, have their own schedules. They are not always available to edit a paper as soon as they receive it. In addition, you should bear in mind that an editor should not edit more than 2-3000 words in a day, in order to ensure maximum quality, and that each paper is edited twice, each time by a different person.

    How much will the editing cost in US Dollars?
    We cannot tell you exactly how much the editing will cost in US Dollars. Editing for Business is based in the UK and our bank account is in Pounds Sterling; hence, we charge in Pounds Sterling. However, once you have worked out how much the editing will cost in Pounds Sterling, using our stated fees as a basis, you can look up how much that amount will be in US Dollars by looking up the exchange rate on Of course, exchange rates change daily and this will only tell you the price in US Dollars for the day on which you look it up, and the rate given will be the interbank rate, not the rate given to you by your bank or credit card company on the date on which you pay the invoice. However, fluctuations in exchange rates are usually small over a matter of a few days, so looking up the exchange rate will give you a pretty good, even if not perfectly accurate, idea of how much the editing will cost in US Dollars.

    How much will it cost to edit an x-page paper?
    We cannot answer this question. Not all pages are the same. Margins (top and bottom, left and right) differ. Fonts and font sizes differ. Some pages contain figures and tables, others do not. Given that pages differ, it is not possible to provide a rate based on the number of pages that your paper contains. It is in order to avoid problems of calculation caused by differences in pages that we charge by the word. This provides a uniform, objectively verifiable way of charging. We edit and charge for the following, unless you tell us otherwise: main text, title, acknowledgements, footnotes, substantive entries in tables and figures, and table and figure legends. We do not edit references. So, to determine how much it will cost to edit your paper, you need to do a word count and then calculate using our fee scale as a basis.
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