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    Form for submitting documents for editing

    Please read all of the following information before you submit your paper.

    1. This form is designed to make document submission easy and to help you give Editing for Business all the details we need. If you wish to use it, attach your document file by browsing its location on your hard disk, using the button below. Your file will be uploaded to our server, an e-mail to acknowldedge receipt of your document will be sent to you, and an e-mail containing the details of your submission will be sent to the Manager at Editing for Business. You should be able to upload files in .rtf, .tex and MS Word formats. You can also upload .zip archives.

    2. Please note that we do not edit .pdf files.

    3. Please submit your entire document, including figures and figure legends, even if you do not wish us to edit all sections. If you wish us to omit certain sections, please inform us upon submission and highlight those sections. If we do not receive the entire document, we will not edit your paper.

    5. If your paper contains image files, please compress them. This will help us to send your paper easily by e-mail. If you are using MS Word 2007 or later, you can compress the images using the 'compress pictures' function.

    6. If you submit multiple documents, please submit them in a .zip archive. (You can download a .zip archiver, WinZip, from .)

    6. There are intermittent problems with the processing of the form below; problems that it is not in the power of Editing for Business to control. Should you experience such a problem, please submit documents for editing by e-mail to Thank you very much.

    7. Please use this form only if you are submitting a document for editing. Do not use it to submit enquiries. If you have an enquiry, please send an e-mail to . If you submit a document via this form, you will thereby commit yourself to having your paper edited by us.

    8. Before you submit your document to us, please ensure that the word count for the main text and the Abstract meet the requirements of the journal to which you will submit your paper. We do not reduce word counts when we edit English. In certain cases, we will rewrite Abstracts to reduce the word count, but this does not fall under editing English. It falls under assessement of logic and flow of argument and is charged at GBP107 per hour.

    9. If your paper has been reviewed and you have been invited to revise in accordance with reviewers' and Editor's comments prior to resubmission, please do the following:
    (i) Revise completely before you submit the paper to us for editing
    (ii) Send us a copy of all the comments that you received from the reviewers and the Editor. Please put all the documents in a .zip archive.

    10. Before you submit your manuscript, please read the Editing for Business' Fees and Terms of Business.

    11. Please supply two e-mail addresses. For example, please supply the e-mail address that your university has given you (if any) and another e-mail address from a different server or a friend. Please do not supply two e-mail addresses from the same server, because if an e-mail sent to one address does not arrive, it will not arrive at the other address either. Finally, please avoid hotmail and yahoo addresses because they are not reliable. Please note that we will not edit your paper unless we have two e-mail addresses. This measure is to ensure that nothing goes wrong during the editing process.

    12. Fields in red are required. You will cause the form submission to fail if you do not complete them.

    Your Title:
    Your First Name (given name):
    Your Last Name (family name):
    Full address of university/company, with postcode/zip code:
    Address to which we should make out the invoice, if different from the above:
    Primary e-mail address:
    Secondary e-mail address:
    Title of paper:
    Number of words, excluding references but including tables, figure legends, and acknowledgements:
    Type of editing: (use CTRL-click [Windows] or SHIFT-click[MAC] to select more than one option):*
    Type of English:
    Name of journal to which the paper will be submitted: (If you do not know, say "not known")
    URL of the journal's Guidelines to Authors: (If you do not know, say "not known")
    Status of your paper:
    Speed of Service (choose one)
    Do you require certification of editing?
    Fax number (in case of difficulties):
    Telephone number (in case of difficulties):
    Method of payment (please choose carefully: we will expect you to pay by the method stated):
    If your method of payment is "Credit card (university)" please complete (a) and (b) below. Thank you.
    (a) Name of the contact person in the office that will pay the bill:
    (b) E-mail address of the contact person in the office that will pay the bill:
    Do you have a deadline for receipt of the revised version of your paper?
    If you have a deadline, please tell us the date:
    (If we cannot meet your deadline, we will tell you.)
    If there is anything else that you think we need to know, please tell us here:
    How did you hear about us? (required)
    I hereby declare that I am aware that by submitting this form I commit to having my document edited by Editing for Business in accordance with the fees listed on, the Editing for Business terms of business, and the instructions provided in this form:
    Send us your document as an attachment by typing in the file name.
    What is the capital of France?
    (Show you are human; if you don't answer the form will fail.)
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